Spacer: Legacies Frequently Asked Questions

When will Spacer: Legacies be released?

We’re aiming for an Early Access release on Steam in May of 2020, with a final release in the Fall time frame.

What platforms does Spacer: Legacies support?

For early access it will be Windows only. If there’s enough demand we’ll consider a Macintosh and/or Linux release later on.

How big is your development team?

There are just two of us for now. A lot of the art, sound effects and music were acquired from third parties, but all of the detail design and coding as well as some of the art were produced by Troy, while Rick has contributed design insight, production advice and play testing.

Who are you?

See the About page if you’re curious. While we’ve been in the game industry for a while, Spacer: Legacies is our first indie game effort.

Why a turn-based game?

Because we like turn-based games. Because no one’s done a good turn-based space game in a while (barring 4x games, but we didn’t want to make yet another 4x gameā€¦)

What were some of your influences?

The biggest was an old Playstation 1 game called ‘Front Mission 3′ by Square. While Front Mission was about giant robots, Spacer: Legacies has similar aspirations in terms of its low-unit density mission format, light RPG elements and story and character development. You’ll also find bits and pieces of Star Fleet Battles in the game’s DNA. And certainly Harebrained Schemes’ Battletech game has been influential in our thinking.

Will Spacer: Legacies have multiplayer?

No. Not at first, anyway. The game is very much designed as a solo-play experience. If there’s enough demand for it, we’ll consider that as a future upgrade.

Will there be expansions or sequels to Spacer: Legacies?

If the game does well enough to fund future development, then we definitely have some ideas about what a sequel or expansion would look like. We would also like to hear thoughts and feedback from players before making definite plans.

Will Spacer: Legacies be available on other store sites?

We do intend that Steam not be the only way to get Spacer: Legacies. Steam was just a logical first choice to launch the game into Early Access.

Can I get a review copy of the game?

Possibly. If you have credentials of some kind and can prove to us you are who you say you are. Sorry, it’s just the nature of the internet. There are a lot of scammers out there. One has to be cautious.