Spacer Legacies Dev Log

Version 1.0a16 – 5/7/2020

  • Fixed several issues related to gender-specific text.
  • Fixed hard lock in combat sequencer caused by chatter logic.
  • Fixed some pathfinding glitches related to turning logic.
  • Added a preferred facing to the turn selection logic so that the ship’s current facing will be the default choice.
  • Fixed broken deployment in some missions caused by new avatar.
  • Fixed incoming message disrupting a dialogue in progress.
  • Fixed hidden close button in star map display.

Version 1.0a15 – 5/5/2020

  • Added a female avatar option, selectable at campaign start.
  • Way point objective in mission 3.1 triggers immediately now.
  • Fixed missing ‘remove’ button in outfitting tutorial.
  • Fixed several issues of text clipping in scrolling views.
  • Fixed looping impact FX.
  • Fixed mission being visible in Flotilla Management before it was offered.
  • Added a background for the Star Map.
  • On-screen damage numbers now rounded to nearest integer.
  • Added system strip buttons in shipyard panel to make it easier to prep a ship for sale.
  • Updated augments in shipyard markets to be more faction-themed.
  • Added option to disable combat chatter.

Version 1.0a14 – 4/29/2020

  • Added tutorial for ‘return fire’ feature.
  • Info panel now auto-sizes to accommodate different amounts of text.
  • Visual pass over weapon range / firing arc hex visualization.

Version 1.0a13 – 4/27/2020

  • Removal of debug features from steam builds.
  • Scaled up projectile FX to make them pop a little more.

Version 1.0a12 – 4/22/2020

  • Hot fix for broken turn-in-place feature.
  • Scaled up heavy weapon FX.
  • Moved map label down on mining stations for better visibility.

Version 1.0a11 – 4/21/2020

  • Pathfinding now extracts paths directly from the legal move list, avoiding an extra pathfinding step. This is both more efficient and results in better pathing options.
  • Adjusted Bremen VI scenery lighting to make first mission a little nicer looking.
  • Now disabling ambushes when player destination is an encounter in the current system. This is mainly to make ambushes less annoying.
  • Added pre-spawn check for occupied position. If spawn position is occupied, now searching for nearby empty position. Should resolve a few edge-case spawning issues.
  • All logging (except warnings and errors) is now compiled out of final builds.
  • Disabling debug features for final builds.
  • Added separate startup scene for Steam builds.

Version 1.0a10 – 4/13/2020

  • Suppressing incoming messages while player is noodling around in flotilla panel.
  • Localization for tool tips.
  • Disabled background overlay in settings when shown from Flotilla and in-mission panels.
  • Fixed failure to start tutorial when selected by default from the Main Menu.
  • Some minor graphics tweaks.

Version 1.0a9 – 4/04/2020

  • Lots of code cleanup.
  • Ability to turn off Steam integration by compile switch (for test builds.)
  • Game executable icons and default cursor.
  • Version number now shown on Main Menu screen.
  • Fixed ‘full house’ achievement so that you have to recruit each individual commander, not just the right number.

Version 1.0a8 – 3/31/2020

  • Integrated Steamworks.NET libraries.
  • Steam back end connectivity established.
  • Set up Steam-specific build script.
  • Steam achievements now working.

Version 1.0a6 – 3/18/2020

  • All escort missions now have consistent warp out objectives for transports.
  • Fix for AI ships stuck showing contact visuals after spawning at a jump gate.
  • Cole Dixon now has Ace Pilot as captain level skill instead of ‘Full Military Power’
  • Improved behavior of cut scene camera motion to reduce gratuitous delays, mainly in tutorials.
  • Resolved a hard-lock issue with the damage repair tutorial.
  • Fixed cases of AI ships causing a warp out point to disappear when used.
  • Fixed some logic issues with quest-driven scene loads which would cause spurious loads during campaign quests.
  • Added an ‘End Mission’ button to the Quit panel so that the player can end a mission manually if all primary objectives are complete.
  • Made the Titan ship partially invulnerable in the first part of the End Game mission, mainly to preserve mission script continuity.
  • Added special ‘Hard Target’ ability, used exclusively by Lucian in the End Game mission to make the Titan ship a bit more challenging.
  • Tweaked Titan Ship stats: better tracking (weapon accuracy), more mass (reduced mobility), more armor.
  • Fixed logic error in active ability selection which would sometimes choose a passive ability to fire, which would provide no real benefit.
  • Fixed some UI scrollers which were not properly zeroing their position on initialization.
  • Info panels in map and mission scenes now scale a little with screen resolution, mainly to show more content.

Version 1.0a5 – 3/6/2020

  • Fixed subtle but evil progression issue which arose when restarting a mission.
  • Escorted transports should more consistently have proper commanders in delivery missions.
  • Delivery missions now have more consistent objectives (transports reach warp out point.)
  • Fixed intermittent crash on docking in delivery missions.
  • Fixed warp out objective not succeeding when one or more friendly ships get destroyed.
  • Cache missions now consistently use auto end-turn feature when legal moves are exhausted.
  • Disabled random ambush for Covert Ops side quest.
  • Hostile turrets now stay visible once contacts are identified.
  • Camera now moves back to destination hex after contact notifications when quick move enabled.
  • Contact visuals are properly displayed again when a hostile goes out of sensor contact.
  • Full Spread ability no longer fires if player has disabled one or more launchers (Experimental!)
  • Scaled up description windows in fleet and in-mission ship panels.
  • Full Military Power skill now works properly and fires a power-up effect.
  • Broke Down side quest now updates the quest menu properly for the encounter.

Version 1.0a3 – 2/28/2020

  • Now reloading from most recent save when using the ‘restart mission’ option so that damage states, ammo etc. get properly restored.
  • AI: when there’s no legal move that will allow an AI ship to engage its selected target it will now simply pick a move that gets it closer to the target. Should prevent many cases of AI being inactive.
  • Added way points to blockade missions so that the AI will send out scouts after warping in. Should handle cases where AI is inactive due to lack of contact.
  • Added option to switch alignment when a ship is disabled. Used to get AI to attack the prize ship in Wotan Sympathizer mission. Will undoubtedly have other uses for this.
  • Added option to remove post-warp-in delay in some circumstances to get AI moving more quickly. This is intentional for low-experience AI, but is not always desirable. Used in Wotan Sympathizer mission, but will undoubtedly have other uses for this.
  • AI: fixed problems with AI ships not engaging targets on certain arcs. Some legacy code was incorrectly determining potential targets for specific firing arcs, particularly in return-fire scenarios.
  • Updated thrust stats for most combat hulls based on updated spreadsheet, which now accounts for typical systems mass when calculating desired thrust. Results in more appropriate mobility for some edge-case ships, like the Baumann light cruiser.

Version 1.0a2 – 2/24/2020

  • Tutorial hint boxes now block other UI elements from receiving mouse events.
  • Damage tutorial should now appear only once and more reliably.
  • Cole Dixon starter ship now has 2x carronades instead of phalanx gun.
  • Art pass over tab bars to improve look and feel.
  • Missions tab in fleet panel now shows missions completed with some narrative.
  • Added tutorial message for ‘defaults’ button in settings panel.

Version 1.0a1 – 2/17/2020

  • Added camera shake effects for explosions and large impacts.
  • Tightened up combat sequences by reducing turret rotation delay.
  • Increased scroll sensitivity in all scroll boxes for better mouse wheel behavior.
  • Added save descriptions in main menu load screen.
  • Fixed issues where scroll wheel zooms camera and GUI at the same time.
  • Added version number to loading screen and system panels