Spacer Legacies Dev Log

Version 1.0b31 – 9/15/2020

Updated to Unity Version 2019.4 and Universal Rendering Pipeline. This was accompanied by several improvements to lighting and shading of space scenes, as well as a number of bug fixes.

  • Improved the appearance and brightness of local stars.
  • Local stars now appear in background scenery at low camera angles during missions.
  • Brightened up lighting in some cases where appropriate.
  • Improved glow effect and added some minimal color grading.
  • Adjusted material settings for all ships, stations and astronomical bodies.
  • Several improvements to weapon visual effects.
  • Adjusted space dock camera positioning.
  • Modified graphics settings dialog to support Universal Rendering Pipeline
  • Commanders that are auto-deployed to specific ships for some missions may no longer be explicitly assigned to ships.
  • Gate transit and docking dialogs are now suppressed when a message dialog is displayed, avoiding some progression issues down stream.
  • Armor repair costs less than one credit now clamped to one credit.
  • Grid plane no longer shadows bottom half of objects.
  • Fixed missing ammo on pirate frigate in Erie Pirate Showdown mission.
  • Fixed incorrect player dialogue attribution in Wotan Pirate Showdown mission.

Version 1.0b30 – 8/31/2020

  • Fixed occasional crash associated with missile loading.
  • Fixed occasional crash on load exception associated with random locations.
  • Fixed occasional crash when using jump gates.
  • Fixed occasional crash associated with ‘Your turn’ notifications.
  • Fixed occasional crash on missile launch.

Version 1.0b29 – 08/19/2020

  • Stealth system now deactivates properly when taking critical damage
  • Tutorial dialog should now always be constrained to the screen, which should resolve some issues where input was blocked for some players.
  • The camera should now be properly positioned at the beginning of the Navigation tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempts to set shield reinforcement on a ship that had not yet been deployed.

Version 1.0b28 – 08/07/2020

  • A set of challenging new End Game missions: take on the bosses of the pirate factions. These become available once you have completed the main campaign.
  • Earn the new ‘Captured’ achievement once you’ve defeated all the pirate forces and captured their bases.
  • Missiles and Torpedoes now have a broader range of accuracy possibilities based on quality of equipment.
  • In general, missiles are a bit less accurate than before with low-end equipment, but about the same with high-tier equipment.
  • In general, torpedoes are less accurate below their optimal range (typically 4) than before but more accurate over all.
  • Mk.2 Launchers and ammo make a more significant difference in accuracy.
  • Mk.2 Torpedo launchers now have a 2-turn reload instead of 3.
  • Bombers now have +1 tracking like corvettes, making them slightly more accurate at delivering missile ordnance than frigates.
  • Improved difficulty labeling for Distress Signal missions
  • Fixed missing effects for targeted ewar abilities (Electromagus, Nonstandard Deviation)
  • Should no longer be possible to fit a heavy weapon in the forward mount of a Roanoke missile cruiser.
  • Credits can now be interrupted with the ESC key

Version 1.0b27 – 7/27/2020

  • Added another variation of the ‘Infiltration’ mission for a little more variety.
  • End Game panel now shows ‘no bounties’ and ‘no prizes’ when no bounty or prize money was earned for a mission.
  • AI ships now track line of sight better when using targeted ewar systems.
  • Fixed some cases where ship visuals were not in sync with the current ship loadout, which could cause some subtle issues if the loadout required a specific configuration of graphical elements.
  • Fixed a problem with the navigation tutorial when quick move was off, which would prevent advancement through the tutorial due to the dialog being off screen.
  • Added an additional spawn check for objectives which rely on live unit counts in an effort to resolve mission objectives failing to complete.

Coming soon: This release includes a number of code changes to support a new set of end-game missions. These will be appearing in an upcoming release — stay tuned!

Version 1.0b26 – 7/1/2020

Hot fix for some user-interface layout issues caused by the new scaling feature:

  • Tooltip boxes are now positioned correctly again.
  • Tutorial hint boxes are now positioned correctly again.
  • The ‘bounty’ and ‘prize money’ notifications should be positioned correctly again.
  • The ‘tracking’ and ‘signal’ headings should no longer be getting truncated.

Version 1.0b25 – 6/30/2020

Added Scaling option for the user interface that allows you to increase the size of UI elements by up to 2x. You can do this from just about anywhere using the following techniques:

  • Hold down the control key while moving the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • Hold down the control key and hit the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ key on your keyboard to scale up or down respectively.

The above is consistent with the scaling feature implemented by many web browsers. There is also a control on the settings panel that allows you to set a specific scale for the user interface. Your scale will automatically be stored with the game settings.

Possible fix for rare crash on activating an augment.

Version 1.0b24 – 6/26/2020

Save system now attempts to avoid redundant saves by allocating a new save file only for significant events, which include:

  • A manual save by the player from the System panel.
  • Completing a mission.
  • Quitting the game, either to the main menu or the desktop.

In all other cases the auto-save system will overwrite the most recent save. This should significantly reduce the save clutter while continuing to provide a decent save history.

Other changes:

  • Station markets no longer allow you to sell Imperial gear. These are unique items intended for player use only, and some even have significance to the plot.
  • Added a bug reporting feature. Press Alt-Shift-B on your keyboard at any time to report a bug from within the game.
  • Ordnance loading is now available from station outfitting screens.
  • Flotilla color editor is now available from station outfitting screens.

Version 1.0b23 – 6/24/2020

  • It is now possible to adjust the overall speed of ship movement up to 10x using the ‘Move Speed’ option on the settings panel. This applies to movement in both missions and the system maps and works whether you’re using the ‘Quick Move’ option or not.
  • Shortened or removed some arbitrary delays in the move sequencing in order to make ship movement a bit snappier.
  • Shipyards now display the purchase price of a ship regardless of whether the player can afford it or not. The ‘buy’ button is simply presented in a disabled state in this case.
  • Fixed an issue in which a mission fails to end when there are survive objectives and the final enemy ship surrenders.
  • Possible fix for a crash issue in missions related to picking recently spawned units.

Version 1.0b22 – 6/23/2020

  • Fixed some crashes and other problems in mission cut scenes.
  • Fixed crash in flotilla ship management panel when selecting an augment slot.
  • Fixed a rare crash in missions when maneuvering a ship along the edge or corner of the map.
  • Fixed a problem where canceling an upgrade refit would debit the player’s account anyway.
  • Fixed a crash in the info panel when viewing stats for a launcher that has no ammo loaded.
  • Fixed a problem where a ship with launchers that were not specifically loaded would enter a mission with no ammo.
  • Fixed a crash after auto save when transitioning from the final mission to the credits.

Version 1.0b21 – 6/19/2020

  • Player ships now have a graphical display of their sensor detection boundary (shown in orange.)
  • Hostile ships will now also show their sensor detection boundary when the mouse cursor is hovered over the unit (shown in red.)
  • Rogue Drones Mission: available from most civilian agents.
  • Infiltration Mission: available from military base agents.
  • Option to quit mission on minor victory is now only shown when the player still has ships on the board.
  • Fixed problem with agent missions all using the same background scenery.
  • The info panel will no longer be shown when the mouse hovers over units that are hidden/out of contact.
  • During deployment the ship info panel and systems panel now show the proper information for a ship before it is deployed.

Version 1.0b20 – 6/15/2020

  • Fixed occasional crash on entering the ship status menu panel when in a mission.
  • Added a pointer to the map display which allows you to quickly recenter the camera on your flotilla at its current map position.
  • Market buy/sell buttons now hide themselves when there is no valid inventory selection.
  • Now showing the travel path on the starmap display when you use the ‘Set Course’ feature.
  • Turbo booster augments have been buffed slightly to make them a more attractive option for some fits.
  • Added an explanation of the ‘contact lost’ indicator to the Scouting and Sensors tutorial.

Version 1.0b19 – 6/12/2020

  • Added a more visible upgrade slot and stats for the Mk.2 refit upgrades.
  • Reworked the buy/sell/fit buttons to be a little more clear in their purpose and better integrated.
  • Added the ability to purchase systems from the station market directly from the outfitting screen.
  • Fixed some issues with scrolling panel initial scroll positions not showing the selected item in some cases.
  • During deployment the flotilla commander is auto-assigned the first available ship if his/her last ship was not available for deployment.
  • Fixed a problem in the deployment interface which would allow the last ship to be deployed more than once, resulting in breakage downstream.
  • Fixed occasional crash which occured when loading the map after failing a mission.

Version 1.0b18 – 6/9/2020

  • Attempt to address a crash issue related to the info panel by rewriting the hover time-delay logic.
  • Some more tuning and adjustment of the ‘End Game’ mission.
  • The turn-in-place feature now disallows movement only if the facing change exceeds the ship’s ‘max turns per move’ stat.
  • Recolored art for tutorial and tool-tip UI so that they read better against the other UI elements.

Version 1.0b17 – 6/8/2020

  • Hot fix for save error ‘object reference not set to an instance of an object’ which was typically seen after playing a random encounter.
  • Enabled auto-save when a generic mission is finished.
  • Added completion narrative for all generic missions, which appears in the Missions panel.
  • Fixed a non-completable objective in one of the distress signal missions.

Version 1.0b16 – 6/5/2020

  • Generic delivery missions now have deadlines which must be met to achieve mission success.
  • Tuned early-game agent missions and ambushes to make them a little easier for low-rank players.
  • Light ’em up skill now doesn’t reveal ships specifically targeted as locate objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where skipping a cut scene during a fade could leave the screen permanently black.
  • There is now a more visible option to quit a mission after all primary objectives are complete.
  • Game now auto-saves when undocking from stations.
  • Targeted ewar systems now more consistently shut off when target leaves range or line of sight.
  • Overhauled deployment interface for assigning commanders to ships. The ship list entries now show the commander assigned to the ship, and the commander can be changed by clicking the portrait in the ship entry. This should be a little clearer than in previous versions.
  • Added ability to set facing for individual ships during deployment.
  • The option to select missiles during deployment has been moved to the ship selection interface for each specific ship that has missile launchers.
  • Updated the deployment tutorial to reflect changes to the deployment system.
  • Fixed issue with redundant missions appearing in the mission menu.

Version 1.0b15 – 6/1/2020

  • Fixed crash issue which occurred when restarting a random or ambush encounter using the ‘Restart Mission’ feature.
  • Added more robust error handling in the level loading logic to better detect invalid level errors and other issues.
  • Improved logic for choosing background scenery for random encounters, with better fallback handling.
  • Added guard logic around system activation/deactivation as possible fix for occasional errors.

Version 1.0b14 – 5/29/2020

  • Campaign delivery missions now feature a timeout after which the mission will fail.
  • When a delivery mission fails, the trade items are now removed from the player’s inventory.
  • Trade Mart stations no longer buy trade items from the player, so there should be no more exploits for credits there.
  • Fixed several crash issues related to reloading from a save game, primarily caused by stale event handlers.
  • Fixed an issue with a stale pending message being revealed on reload from save, potentially causing a crash.
  • Fixed missing owner for Bremen consolidated mining station.
  • More guard logic to detect edge case allocation failures and other issues.

Version 1.0b13 – 5/28/2020

  • Added better instrumentation for potential memory issues.
  • Added better failure checking for a few edge-case situations.
  • Addressed a potential memory leak related to ship model loading/unloading.
  • Added logging of quest and scene transitions as an aid to future troubleshooting.
  • Fixed a progression issue where survival objectives wouldn’t succeed due to a hidden objective.
  • Fixed a problem with way point objectives, which wouldn’t succeed if an incorrect ship had ever entered the way point.

Version 1.0b12 – 5/27/2020

  • Tightened up error handling for load/save files. Save failures now allow retry to give players a chance to correct system issues.
  • Fixed problem with survival/warpout objective logic where objective could be met prematurely if additional enemies had not yet been spawned.
  • Added weapon range state to info panel so player can see weapon range of target units.
  • Added facing indicators to target panel so player can see target facings his weapons might damage on attack.
  • Added ability to abort ship movement when new contacts are detected by pressing the space bar.
  • Fixed some mis-typed ship hulls, which created some minor issues with upgrade costs and other subtle effects.

Version 1.0b11 – 5/26/2020

  • Added guard logic in save process in an effort to prevent some observed save failures.
  • Save and load errors should be reported properly now.
  • Fixed a problem with the mission menu disappearing when loading from a save without an active mission.
  • Cancelling a path by clicking on the unit now re-shows the legal moves for that unit without moving the camera.
  • Mission encounters for inactive missions are now visible on the map. Entering them will activate the mission and allow you to proceed.
  • Possible fix for missing message icon after exiting a mission.

Version 1.0b10 – 5/25/2020

  • Fixed broken objective in Mission 3.1 (Altaira.) Should be possible to progress passed this again.
  • Overhauled missile load dialogue to improve usability, especially with mixed-launcher loadouts.
  • Reduced fitting costs for weapons significantly.
  • Added confirmation dialog informing player of fitting costs incurred and allowing cancellation.
  • Added confirmation dialog when selling a ship to a shipyard.
  • Added automatic stripping of Imperial gear from a ship when it is sold to a shipyard.
  • Fixed an error in the Missions completed list where a recently completed mission would not show a proper description.
  • Added warning dialog when there are no deployable ships for a mission, due to damage or restrictions.

Version 1.0b09 – 5/24/2020

  • Fixed some problems when loading missiles when a ship has mixed launcher types, including a potential crash issue.
  • Fixed another crash issue related to the ‘Do that Again’ skill.
  • Fixed another potential crash issue in cut scene battles.
  • Possible fix for a rare crash that occurs when selecting a ship on the battle map.

Version 1.0b08 – 5/23/2020

  • Fixed a crash in the ‘Do That Again’ skill. This skill now also fires at a more appropriate point in the engagement.
  • Default facing when entering a move is now the one resulting in the least-cost path. This should generally result in a better initial facing.
  • Fixed a crash in the ship status panel when clicking a weapon or augment button to view stats.
  • Fixed another crash in the Agent mission offer logic.
  • Fixed multiple promotion notifications appearing after a commander ranks up.
  • Possible fix for occasional crash in cut-scene combat sequences when an involved unit has been despawned.
  • Possible fix for occasion crash seen when exiting the flotilla panel or undocking from a station.

Version 1.0b07 – 5/22/2020

  • Added ‘Repair All’ button to the station repair panel
  • Warp out objectives now consider the death of the target units as a failure
  • Warp out objectives are now achievable by destroying all hostiles, which should make finishing escort missions a bit less tedious.
  • Removed ship class limits from most missions and relaxed tonnage limits in many cases.
  • Fixed ‘missing ship’ issue in the in-mission Ship status panel and occasional crash associated with this.
  • Fixed problem with facing setup where releasing the mouse over a non-viable facing prevents the facing setup mode from completing properly.
  • Fixed problem in shipyard where a new ship would not show up in the ship selector after purchase.
  • Added additional guard logic in quest progression to deal with an occasional crash issue.
  • Added manual save button to the Quit panel.
  • Increased opacity on some window graphics.
  • Increased save file cache limit to 50 saves.
  • Better separation of Augment fitting controls on higher resolution displays.

Version 1.0b06 – 5/21/2020

  • Pathfinder now does a better job of identifying available turns for player movement, resulting in a better set of facing options when entering moves.
  • Path selection now uses a more intelligent default facing when more than one facing is available.
  • Added display of move points spent and remaining to the map when entering moves.
  • Difficulty text is now color coded in mission offers (green for easy, red for hard)
  • Now constraining mission offers to +/- 1 player rank. Should reduce impossible mission offers.
  • Fixed crash bug in one of the agent escort missions.
  • Fixed a bug related to ambush encounters not firing in escort missions, which would cause mission progression to get blocked.
  • Now handling the rare case when two missions require you to dock at the same station, but only one advances.

Version 1.0b05 – 5/20/2020

  • Dialogues and some other interactions (including the tutorial) can now be advanced using the keyboard (space bar or enter key.)
  • Added an additional button which allows dialogues to be skipped.
  • Fixed a potential blocking issue in mission 3.1 (Altaira)
  • Added additional guard logic based on user crash dump analyses.

Version 1.0b04 – 5/20/2020

  • Fixed a freeze that occurred in some missions caused by the system attempting to spawn an enemy group that was already present.
  • Improved the variety of missions that could be offered by station agents.
  • Added WASD keyboard controls for the camera.
  • Added a setting to disable edge scrolling.
  • Updated tutorials to cover the additional camera control options.

Version 1.0b03 – 5/19/2020

  • Fixed a problem entering the ‘Distress Signal’ mission while the Navigation tutorial is in play. It is now possible to enter that hex without triggering the mission and disrupting the tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash in the Mission Description panel which appears when interacting with station agents, which would cause issues with incorrect text showing.
  • Fixed missing market warning when items in a station cannot be purchased due to rank or reputation.
  • Reduced hover delay for info panel to 1/2 second, which makes it a bit snappier.

Version 1.0b02 – 5/13/2020

  • Early Access release build.
  • Fixed progression blocker in early game tutorial.
  • Added better prompting for tutorial ‘continue’ button.

Version 1.0b01 – 5/9/2020

  • Early Access release candidate.
  • Fixed several more avatar-gender-related text issues.
  • Fixed some path finding glitches related to turns and for traveling along the map edge.
  • Fix for crash in ordnance sequencer.
  • Path entry now defaults to to the current facing when multiple facings are possible.
  • Fixed broken path entry when auto-end turn is enabled for a mission.
  • Fix for broken deployment in mission 3.1.
  • Fix for hidden close button in star map panel.
  • Stations and fleet panel using the same close button graphic.
  • Improved turret behavior when engaging stealthed ships.
  • Fixed broken AI units in mission 6.6.
  • Fixed wave spawning missions not spawning all waves.
  • Fixed crash issue in final campaign mission.