Spacer Legacies

An aspiring new mercenary commander, you are suddenly thrust into command of the Razorbacks when a dark betrayal leaves you the only survivor. Rebuild your flotilla from a single corvette into a powerful mercenary force and lead it on a quest for justice. The fate of the Tantalus Cluster is in your hands!

Spacer: Legacies is a game of turn-based tactical combat between capital ships ranging in size from nimble corvettes up to massive battleships. Recruit skilled captains to command your ships and choose the abilities that will make them unstoppable. Pursue vengeance in a gripping campaign across the whole of the Tantalus Cluster.

Inspired by turn-based tactics games like Battletech and the Front Mission series, Spacer: Legacies features:

  • Turn-based tactical combat system with exciting action sequences.
  • Sophisticated sensor model: find your enemies before they find you!
  • Upgradable ships with multiple slots for weapons and augments.
  • A large variety of weapons and combat systems to choose from.
  • A cast of interesting companions who grow more powerful as you progress.
  • A large, explorable universe with danger and opportunity at every turn.
  • Gripping story-based campaign with hours of game play.
  • A variety of hidden missions and side quests.

Screen Shots: