Spacer: Legacies 1.0.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce the full 1.0 release of Spacer: Legacies, which is also now out of Early Access. Our thanks to everyone who purchased the game during the Early Access phase and especially to those who took the time to give us their valuable feedback.

We haven’t stopped listening either! If you’re a player, let us know what you think either though our Steam forum our directly by email.

Good hunting, commanders!

Coming Soon: Spacer: Legacies Full Release

Spacer: Legacies will be transitioning from Early Access to full release on August 21st. We’ve garnered a lot of useful feedback from players and the game has improved substantially since it appeared on Steam back in May. Many thanks to all of you who took a chance on the game in its initial rough state.

We’ll be doing a final round of polish and bug fixing over the next two weeks, so there’s still time to get your feedback in before we press the Release button.

Fly safe, commanders!

Spacer: Legacies Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the Early-Access release of Spacer: Legacies on Steam. If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy/tactics games or space games in general, you’ll want to check it out.

Because the game is in early access, we want to hear from you! Help us make the game great by letting us know what we’re doing wrong (or right!) Direct your comments to our support line or start a discussion on our Steam Forum.

Good luck out there, Commander!